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Bobcat Compact Excavator  Attachments for Sale

TVE Hire & Sales provide Bobcat all Bobcat attachments for the South of the UK, covering Wiltshire, Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.

Bobcat® attachments and implements help you grow your business, gain versatility, replace less-efficient machines and give you the tools to accomplish major projects.

Choose from the most attachments in the industry

  • Get performance matched to your Bobcat machine
  • Work harder with stronger components and construction
  • Rely on the best dealer support, parts and service
  • Rest easy with the 12-month warranty on every serial-numbered Bobcat attachment

Choose from skid-steer loader attachments, compact track loader attachments, mini track loader attachments, compact excavator (mini excavator) attachments, Toolcat™ utility work machine attachments and implements, telehandler attachments and utility vehicle attachments.

All items will be shown here soon. For now if you require information on Bobcat attachments call our staff on 01235 523070 or visit our showroom in Abingdon, Oxfordshire.


This high-torque, heavy-duty hydraulic auger gives you speed and perfect vertical accuracy. Its unique “knuckle-joint” design allows it to hang perfectly vertical on flat or uneven terrain. The entire drive unit follows the bit into the hole, adding 30 cm more dig depth than a standard unit. This is the ideal tool for drilling holes for posts, piers, poles and trees in all kinds of soil conditions. Choose from 3 types of bits to best suit the ground conditions (standard, heavy and rock) and from numerous widths to best meet your hole-width requirement.


Bobcat® hydraulic breakers offer high performance, low maintenance, and are easy to use. All breakers feature a frame with a cylindrical design, giving you easier access to those difficult demolition jobs in confined areas. All our breakers have a silenced housing as standard, for quieter and smoother work.

Clamshell Bucket

Bobcat Clamshell buckets are designed with the revolutionary HPXdrive® and therefore have no exposed hydraulic cylinders, bushings or pins. The powerful drive system generates a constant closing force, making your work easier and more efficient. Infinite rotation comes as standard. The hydraulic connection of the swivel and HPXdrive® is direct, requiring no hoses. To maximise uptime, HPXdrive® clamshell buckets are completely maintenance-free.

Clay Spade Bucket

Bobcat Clay Spade Buckets are ideal for working with clay or other soils that tend to stick to the inside of the bucket.

Hydraulic Coupler

Hydraulically connected to the machine, the Bobcat Hydraulic Pin Grabber Coupler allows you to change attachments in only a few seconds – and from the comfort and security of your cab.

Mechanical Coupler

Mechanical couplers let you change attachments quickly, easily and safely. You can switch between different buckets and attachments in a matter of minutes. So you can always use the right tool for the right job, maximising your efficiency and productivity. Coupler systems turn excavators into tool-carriers!

Cutter Crusher

Powerful jaws and strong blades crush concrete and cut through round steel, re-bar, wire mesh, angle iron and I-beams. Whether mounted on a Bobcat loader or excavator, this attachment provides incredible crushing power for hard-to-reach demolition jobs that require minimal noise and vibration.

Demolition and Sorting Grab

This grab is a highly efficient tool for medium-duty demolition and sorting work. It has an enclosed design, based on the HPXdrive® system, which effectively protects all components from damage. The compact rotation head is capable of absorbing extremely high side forces and is resistant to the very demanding conditions of demolition sites. The perforated shells screen the debris and rubble perfectly.

Flail Mower Excavators

Now you can attack your most difficult bush and tree sapling clearing projects with the Bobcat® flail mower. You can easily shred vegetation on virtually any terrain including hillsides, roadways, ditches, trails, riverbanks and other hard-to-reach places with the long reach of the Bobcat excavator. Using powerful triple-knife flails, you can mulch small branches, saplings, thick grass and other vegetation up to 10 cm. in diameter.

Grading Bucket

Grading Buckets are wide buckets designed for levelling and grading work.

Heavy Duty Digging Bucket

Heavy Duty Digging buckets are dual radius buckets with the smallest tooth radius to allow maximum break-out force in the toughest terrain.


The Hydra-Tilt™ is designed to raise the productivity of compact excavators on the jobsite when powered with a bucket. Using a hydraulic cylinder, the HydraTilt™ uses a wrist-like action to angle the excavator bucket 30° to the left or right, for a total tilt range of 60°, enabling you to more easily dig around or under obstructions such water pipes.

Hydraulic Clamp

The Bobcat hydraulic clamp “kit” includes a grapple and hydraulic cylinder activated by the standard auxiliary hydraulics of the excavator. This attachment can be used with a standard trenching or digging bucket. The hydraulic clamp functions like a human thumb to handle odd-shaped objects. Broken concrete, tree stumps and stone blocks can be grasped, lifted and placed with great speed and accuracy. This tool is ideal for a wide range of jobs: for demolition, picking up and loading blocks of concrete or asphalt into a truck or trailer; for construction, handling large border stones; for landscaping, picking up and placing objects or removing debris; and for rental applications. When not needed, the clamp can be completely retracted onto the inside of the dipper stick and will not interfere with normal digging activities.

Laser Equipment

This laser equipment offers you advanced, innovative features that will enable you to grade faster and with greater accuracy.

Multi-Purpose Grab

A highly efficient tool for the precise positioning of large stones and handling filling material. Thanks to the shell design, you can also use these grabs for loading, sorting and digging jobs. The compact rotation head absorbs extremely high forces when picking up and placing rocks. For multi-purpose grabs equipped with HPX, the maintenance-free HPX drive with its enclosed design prevents the components from being damaged.

Packer Wheel

The packer wheel adds versatility and productivity to a machine by reducing the need for conventional compaction equipment, and sometimes even eliminating the need for a person to work in the trench. It comes in a width of 28 cm and requires no auxiliary hydraulics.

Plate Compactor

Mounted at the end of the excavator boom, the Bobcat plate compactor can reach the bottom of trenches. It can also drive piles when you are building retaining walls. This attachment allows you to quickly handle a project requiring compaction, without the need for a labourer in the trench with a hand-operated compactor. It is an alternative to a walk behind unit or remote-controlled roller compactors.

Ripper Tooth

The ripper is the ideal excavator attachment for scarifying hard or frozen ground.

Rotary Grinder

The rotary grinder is a powerful attachment comprising a double drum, driven by a totally integrated high-torque hydraulic motor. Thanks to its special design features, it allows the demolition of complete structures and very precise removal of material and debris, without damaging adjacent structures. You can also dig trenches in rocky ground or prepare asphalt or concrete surfaces for repair.

Standard Duty Digging Bucket

Digging buckets with Side Cutter are dual radius buckets; their volume-to-weight ratio is more suitable for applications where HD is not required.

Three-Tine Grapple

Handle bush scrub, logs, landscaping stone and other bulky materials quickly and easily with this toughly-built, 3-prong grapple. Note: Hydraulic Clamp is recommended when using 3-Tine Grapple.

Tilt Bucket

Saves you time and improves productivity! The tilt bucket is a grading bucket with an integrated hydraulic cylinder, allowing the bucket to be tilted to either side by 45°. You can save time on countless jobs by simply tilting the bucket instead of having to reposition the entire machine. It is ideal for land clearing, landscaping and backfilling.

Trencher Excavators

Partner with this versatile tool for light- to high-production trenching. The excavator-mounted trencher provides a digging depth of 60 cm and a standard trenching width of 10 cm.

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