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Bobcat Compact Track Loader Attachments for Sale

TVE Hire & Sales provide Bobcat all Bobcat attachments for the South of the UK, covering Wiltshire, Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.

Bobcat® attachments and implements help you grow your business, gain versatility, replace less-efficient machines and give you the tools to accomplish major projects.

Choose from the most attachments in the industry

  • Get performance matched to your Bobcat machine
  • Work harder with stronger components and construction
  • Rely on the best dealer support, parts and service
  • Rest easy with the 12-month warranty on every serial-numbered Bobcat attachment

Choose from skid-steer loader attachments, compact track loader attachments, mini track loader attachments, compact excavator (mini excavator) attachments, Toolcat™ utility work machine attachments and implements, telehandler attachments and utility vehicle attachments.

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Angle Broom

This Bobcat attachment is equipped with a high-torque motor and polypropylene wafer bristles, making it ideal for landscaping, demolition and snow-removal applications. It lets you sweep away dirt, dried mud, light snow and other debris quickly. Whether you are sweeping driveways, sidewalks, parking areas, loading docks or warehouses, you can trust this hydraulically-driven Bobcat attachment.


This high-torque, heavy-duty hydraulic auger gives you speed and perfect vertical accuracy. Its unique “knuckle-joint” design allows it to hang perfectly vertical on flat or uneven terrain. The entire drive unit follows the bit into the hole, adding 30 cm more dig depth than a standard unit. This is the ideal tool for drilling holes for posts, piers, poles and trees in all kinds of soil conditions. Choose from 3 types of bits to best suit the ground conditions (standard, heavy and rock) and from numerous widths to best meet your hole-width requirement.

Box Blade

With a grade accuracy of 6 mm, our laser box blade is designed for very precise grading. The box blade without laser can help you with rough grading and landscaping applications. Both heavy-duty box blades have a 214 cm grading width and a reversible cutting edge for longer life. * Supplied with foam-filled tyres as standard, for added flotation.


Bobcat® hydraulic breakers offer high performance, low maintenance, and are easy to use. All breakers feature a frame with a cylindrical design, giving you easier access to those difficult demolition jobs in confined areas. All our breakers have a silenced housing as standard, for quieter and smoother work.

Concrete Mixer

You can easily turn your Bobcat® loader into an efficient concrete mixer with this rugged, cost-effective attachment! The Bobcat concrete mixer attachment allows you to mix, transport and dump concrete much more quickly than a traditional stand-alone mixer and wheelbarrow. The mixer’s compact size makes it perfect for paths, driveways, finishing work, foundations and floors of small buildings. It’s also great for working in locations with limited access or areas that are difficult to reach.

Concrete Pump

The concrete pump puts concrete right where you want it, even in hard-to-reach locations, using the Bobcat loader as power source. Route the hose through small openings, under decking, through bushes and around buildings. This durable attachment pumps concrete up to 76 metres horizontally, and up to the height of two building floors vertically. This tool protects property and reduces damage, to grass surfaces and underground utilities, that can be caused by large concrete trucks.

Cutter Crusher

Powerful jaws and strong blades crush concrete and cut through round steel, re-bar, wire mesh, angle iron and I-beams. Whether mounted on a Bobcat loader or excavator, this attachment provides incredible crushing power for hard-to-reach demolition jobs that require minimal noise and vibration.

Dumping Hopper

For saving time and work when moving materials, you can’t beat the Bobcat dumping hopper. Simply park it, load it and dump it…it’s child play! This convenient attachment mounts as easily as a bucket on your loader and can be transported, detached and parked wherever it is needed – even in confined spaces. The large-capacity dumping hopper is easy to fill with a skid-steer loader, compact excavator or by hand. Flat and smooth interior surfaces prevent material from sticking. Quickly move sand, gravel, cement, topsoil and other bulk materials around the jobsite. This tool is ideal for construction, landscaping, renovation, demolition, municipalities and golf courses.


Turn your Bobcat loader into a high-performance grading machine thanks to our graders. The 6-way, hydraulically controlled blade is easy to operate by switches located on the steering levers. Optional laser control system offers more precise control (up to 6mm accuracy) while saving concrete, time and labour. This tool is designed for landscaping, asphalt, curb, gutter and concrete flatwork projects.

Industrial Grapple Bucket

Built tough for reliability and endurance, the industrial grapple easily handles scrap, waste, brush and other difficult-to-manage materials in the industrial setting, construction sites and demolition applications.

Root Grapple

The Bobcat Root Grapple is built tough for reliability and endurance. You can easily rip and handle scrap, waste, brush, bushes and other hard-to-manage materials.

Laser Equipment

This laser equipment offers you advanced, innovative features that will enable you to grade faster and with greater accuracy.

Mixing Bucket

This rugged, cost-effective Bobcat attachment lets you mix, transport and pour concrete much more quickly than a stand-alone mixer. Its compact size makes it ideal for sidewalks, driveways, finishing work, foundation footings and floors of small buildings and hard-to-reach or limited access areas. The Bobcat mixing buckets have a side discharge system, and all come with the discharge tube as standard.

Packer Wheel

The packer wheel adds versatility and productivity to a machine by reducing the need for conventional compaction equipment, and sometimes even eliminating the need for a person to work in the trench. It comes in a width of 28 cm and requires no auxiliary hydraulics.

Pallet Forks

These Bobcat Pallet Forks are ideal for handling any kind of bulky or bagged material, from fertiliser to seed and animal feed. Especially handy when working in restricted spaces or along narrow aisles and rows.

Rear Stabilizers

You can increase your auger, backhoe and tree spade performance in a wide range of jobs with a set of frame-mounted rear stabilisers. Rear stabilisers improve performance by transferring the weight of the loader to the auger, backhoe or tree spade attachment – right where it’s needed to maximise digging capability! They also help to level the loader on uneven terrain. Rear stabilisers are available for most Bobcat® loaders and can be mounted and removed quickly and easily. Please note that the Installation of rear stabilisers requires rear auxiliary hydraulics.

Rotary Grinder

The rotary grinder is a powerful attachment comprising a double drum, driven by a totally integrated high-torque hydraulic motor. Thanks to its special design features, it allows the demolition of complete structures and very precise removal of material and debris, without damaging adjacent structures. You can also dig trenches in rocky ground or prepare asphalt or concrete surfaces for repair.


Use the scraper to remove stubborn packed mud, snow and ice from driveways, pavements, car parks and bike paths, wherever build-up has occured. It leaves a smooth surface for safer walking, riding and driving. Inside the house, you can use the scraper to easily remove carpeting and floor tiles.

Skeleton Bucket Loaders

Bobcat® Skeleton Buckets are extremely effective for separating and removing unwanted objects, such as rocks, sticks and larger debris, from work areas while leaving behind finer material that can support cultivation or be landscaped.

Sonic Tracer

The sonic tracer helps you to grade, level and backfill better on irregularly-sloping ground. It emits a sonic signal to maintain a set distance or elevation from a particular object, surface or the ground. Installed on the blade of the grader, the sonic tracer enables it to be used to grade, level and backfill on a multi-slope terrain, when following a string line, kerb stone or gutter, or even on a previous pass for a grade control.

Spare Wheel

Bobcat® also offers a wide range of spare complete wheel assemblies with various levels of robustness to suit your particular application. Solid tyre assemblies are also available for optimum performance in severe applications. Increase your productivity and avoid downtime caused by puncture repair, by ensuring you have an adequate spare wheel assembly!

Steel Tracks

Tracks improve your loader’s floatation over soft, sandy, rocky or muddy ground and provide better traction on slippery surfaces. Note: Only pneumatic tyres and tyres with Superflex formula poly fill manufactured by Arnco are permitted for use inside steel tracks. Original Bobcat® factory poly-filled tyres meet this requirement. All other tyres including Bobcat® Solid Tyres (Twin Flex, Smooth Flex, Smooth Solid, etc.) are considered non-approved. Please note that the use of non-approved tyres will void the loader and track warranties.


Tilt-Tatch™ increases the versatility of Bobcat® buckets, pallet forks and other attachments. This hydraulic tool can rotate an attachment 15° from centre to the right or left. Use it to keep loads level on sloping terrain or make a level cut on a hillside. You can even dig drainage ditches with the corner of the bucket. Note: Use of Tilt-Tatch™ will reduce operating capacity and tip load by approximately 20%. See the Tilt-Tatch™ Operators Manual for New Load Ratings. Note: Tilt-Tatch™ can be used with non-hydraulic attachments only. • Digs drainage ditches with the corner of the bucket.

Trench Compactor

The Bobcat Trench Compactor packs soil after power or water lines or other shallow trenches have been installed in a driveway, garden, park or other area. The attachment works efficiently in trenches 20 to 40 cm wide and up to 75 cm deep. Isolated vibratory shaker box is designed for long, trouble-free operation.

Utility Whisker Broom

For an easier clean-up, combine the use of the Bobcat Whisker Broom with a Bucket and Grapple. The grapple system gives the operator the possibilty to raise the whisker broom in order to load all the debris into the bucket. Very useful for quickly cleaning up after markets, concerts, festivals, streets events, etc.

Vibratory Roller

This is the ideal compacting tool for flatwork, trenches and asphalt patching jobs. It compacts while moving forward or in reverse. The offset drum design allows you to get right next to pavements, walls and curbs. Drum oscillation keeps the roller in contact with the surface on uneven terrain.

Water Kit

Too much dust? Add the Bobcat Water Kit to keep down dust levels when you are using attachments such as the planer, vibratory roller, angle broom or sweeper. The water kit for loaders includes two 53-litre tanks that mount on the uprights. An electric pump supplies water to nozzles on the attachment.

Wheel Saw

This rugged, powerful Bobcat Wheel Saw cuts through asphalt, concrete, frozen ground, wire mesh and other hard materials with more precision than either air or hydraulic breakers. Use it for road repair and cutting trenches for laying water, gas, electric and fibre-optic cable lines. The trench cleaner raises and lowers hydraulically. Depending on the model, cutting depth ranges from 15 cm to 80 cm.

Whisker Broom

Cut clean-up time and the cost with this handy attachment. The Bobcat Whisker Broom attached to your loader sweeps up wet or dry material 20 to 30 times faster than hand-sweeping. Ideal for sweeping dirt, light snow, leaves, material spills, street litter and other debris. Effectively cleans along curbs and other perimeters.

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