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Bobcat R2-Series 5–6T Mini Excavators
E50z, E55z and E60

Bobcat’s Mini Excavators are built around the operator and provide the answers to all questions posed by your business by successfully blending high performance with smooth, intuitive controls and first-class comfort.

In the E50z and E55z, Bobcat’s unique Zero House Swing (ZHS) feature adds another level of protection to the standard zero tail swing design, providing full peace of mind when operating the machine near walls. With ZHS, the rotation of the upper structure of the E50z and E55z remains fully within the footprint of the tracks. This includes the boom swing offset cylinder, front corners, handles, lights and even the door in both open and closed positions.

The E50z ZHS model is an easy-to-use, robust machine optimized for specific rental industry needs while introducing the next level of operator comfort and features required by demanding owner-operators. The weight has been increased and optimized in the E50z to maximize stability, which has allowed Bobcat to provide a long arm as standard equipment. The E55z is a premium performance model – it is the largest and most powerful Bobcat machine with the ZHS design.

The new E60 is the R2-Series flagship model in all aspects – this conventional swing model features a more powerful engine, a larger cab and other new unique features. In the E60, a tail overhang of only 280 mm allows the machine to be operated in confined spaces. This ensures the machine is an ideal tool for highly demanding applications where performance has a priority.

The R2-Series mini-excavators are now powered by the new Bobcat D18 (E50z/E55z) and D24 (E60) Stage V high torque diesel engines, designed specifically for Bobcat compact equipment and based on a well proven design installed in thousands of Bobcat machines worldwide. The new engines improve overall machine performance, while meeting the strictest Stage V emissions regulations. The use of DPF technology allows the new mini-excavators to be employed in emission-regulated zones such as city centres.

All day comfort

Thanks to ample space and legroom inside the cab, ergonomic interior design, easy access to critical controls, and many other quality-of-life improvements, you will feel right at home in a Bobcat Mini Excavator.

Confidence-boosting Stability

You can trust a Bobcat Mini Excavator’s superior 360-degree stability in any situation, even when digging over the machine’s side or handling heavier loads.

Superior Controllability

We have put all our experience into designing intuitive, personalizable controls, thanks to which the workgroup feels like an extension of your hands from the moment you touch the controls.

Customizable Power

Set up your Mini Excavator the way you want with full control over oil flow for each individual AUX circuit to match any attachment or operator preferences.

Tough By Design

With strategically placed shielding, all critical components are protected – so you don’t have to worry about operating the machine even on the most demanding job sites.

Performance & Productivity

The pure digging power of Bobcat’s Mini Excavators makes them versatile tools that get the job done at unmatched speed, whether it’s heavy digging or fast trenching.







4 975 kg

5 346 kg

5 685 kg


31.3 kW

36.4 kW

41,0 kW


1 960 mm

1 960 mm

1 960 mm


2 546 mm

2 566 mm

2 566 mm

Digging depth

3 553 mm

3 834 mm

3 981 mm

Dump height

3 953 mm

4 213 mm

4 288 mm

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