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Bobcat Telescopic Handlers Attachments for Sale

TVE Hire & Sales provide Bobcat all Bobcat attachments for the South of the UK, covering Wiltshire, Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.

Bobcat® attachments and implements help you grow your business, gain versatility, replace less-efficient machines and give you the tools to accomplish major projects.

Choose from the most attachments in the industry

  • Get performance matched to your Bobcat machine
  • Work harder with stronger components and construction
  • Rely on the best dealer support, parts and service
  • Rest easy with the 12-month warranty on every serial-numbered Bobcat attachment

Choose from skid-steer loader attachments, compact track loader attachments, mini track loader attachments, compact excavator (mini excavator) attachments, Toolcat™ utility work machine attachments and implements, telehandler attachments and utility vehicle attachments.

All items will be shown here soon. For now if you require information on Bobcat attachments call our staff on 01235 523070 or visit our showroom in Abingdon, Oxfordshire.

Bale handler with tines

These handlers are designed to transport and load one or two round farm bales (diameters from 1.2 to 1.6 m). To grip the bales firmly, the handler is equipped with two hydraulically-operated arms with brackets with 4 spikes (prongs) on each side. Available in two heights, 1 or 1.4 m.

Bale handler with tubes

These handlers enable you to transport one or two round, wrapped farm bales with diameters from 1 to 1.8 m. To grip the bales firmly, the handler is equipped with two hydraulically operated arms with round shaped tubes.

Bale spikes

The pair of small-diameter forks gives you advantages over a single spike. They stabilise the load better, by balancing round bales and securing uneven bales, making transport and loading easier. This simple attachment is mounted on a rigid pallet fork frame. Designed for bales of 75 cm or 110 cm height.

Bucket Grapples

You can use this durable grapple to move hard-to-handle agricultural materials. The hydraulically-controlled grapple is also easy to operate, fast and close strong. Available with bolt-on forged teeth (easy to replace and suitable for silage) or with oxycut welded teeth (more durable). Side flanges are bolted and so can be removed easily. Its built-in spill guard will better retain materials, and its reversible bolt-on edge will increase its durability. Last but not least, productivity is improved thanks to their large capacities.

Digging Buckets

The extremely durable Bobcat® digging bucket is ideal for all types of digging and materials handling jobs. Available with or without teeth.

Fork Grapples

Bobcat Fork Grapples are built tough for reliability and endurance. They let you handle with ease scrap, waste, brush and bushes, and other difficult-to-manage materials. Hose kit is included.

Light Material Bucket

The large volume of Bobcat Light Material Buckets is designed for loading and handling a variety of light materials such as mulch, snow and grains. Bobcat engineers designed its shape to fit perfectly telescopic cinematic and improve break-out force as well as transport and dumping angles. This allows great productivity and permanent visibility. It’s lifetime is also enhanced thanks to 10 mm high strength steel, side protections and optional reversible bolt-on edge. Convex side shapes and built-in spill guard will be appreciated as they allow a better material retention during transport.

Pallet Forks

Use this versatile attachment to lift, carry, stack or place all types of pallet materials even on rough and uneven surfaces in construction sites, municipal projects, industrial areas and farms. Available in two types: floating or rigid. Floating forks are free to swing while always remaining level with the ground. Bobcat also offers you the choice of two frame widths – 1.12 m or 1,44 m – to suit your needs.

Side shift tool carrier

This tool-carrier simplifies and speeds up pallet work. The rigid forks are easily positioned, up to 10 cm left and right, into pallet holes without you having to move the machine.

Concrete Baskets

With our concrete basket attachment, you can quickly pour your concrete wherever you need to. The flexible hose can be easily routed through small openings, under wooden decks, through bushes and around other common obstructions.

Concret Mixing Bucket

With this mixing bucket attachment, you can quickly pour your concrete wherever it is needed. With the hydraulic opening system, emptying the 600 l bucket is simple.

Digging Buckets

The extremely durable Bobcat® digging bucket is ideal for all types of digging and materials handling jobs. Available with or without teeth.

Extension jibs

The Bobcat extension jib further increases your lift and reach capacity with a hook or a winch. Using this attachment, the telescopic handler can position loads in places which are difficult to access by conventional means. Bobcat also offers an extension jib with winch.


Jibs allow you to move, lift and manipulate suspended loads safely and simply. The jib’s maximum lift capacity is rated as the telescopic handler’s maximum lifting capacity.

Man Platforms

The Bobcat man platform gives you great flexibility in your work as it eliminates the need for scaffolding and safety nets while simplifying and speeding up the job. Choose the best solution for your needs: fixed, rotating, rotating and extendable, with 1 m, 2.4 m or 4 m widths available. Bobcat man platforms are fully homologated and easily fitted to your machine without roll-up cables, thanks to the wireless remote control.


Using this attachment, you can position Telescopic Handler loads in places which are difficult to access by conventional means. The winch is indispensable for raising and lowering loads without having to move the boom. Bobcat offers standard winches and winches with an extension jib – all fitted with a proportional control system for precise positioning of the load.

Extension jibs

Use a handy extension jib to position loads in places that would otherwise be difficult to access. The jib equipped with a hook or winch increases your forward reach. Bobcat Jibs have a capacity of 1.2 t or 2.0 t and a reach that varies from 1.3 m to 2.5 m.

Fork positionner

This attachment simplifies the process of inserting fork points into pallet openings. The fork positioner can hydraulically adjust the spacing of the forks within the machine’s chassis width. Available with 3.8 or 5.0 t load capacity.


The use of hooks can increase your working scope considerably when you are placing suspended loads of up to 5 t (hooks have same lifting capacity as machine).

Light material bucket

The large capacity of the Light Material Bucket is designed for loading and handling various light materials such as mulch, snow and grain. These buckets have high backs and straight sides to penetrate piles with ease.

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