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CT1025 Compact Tractor

Bobcat Compact Tractors are a step up in productivity, versatility and reliability. Whatever your application, these machines help you get the job done efficiently thanks to their robust construction, smooth operation, flexible configuration, and full compatibility with a wide portfolio of attachments. And when it comes to maintenance, Bobcat’s extensive service network gives you the support your business needs.

The CT1025 is the most compact model in the range. Its small dimensions, ROPS, HST transmission and an efficient 25 HP engine make it a perfect solution for those jobs where space is limited. It can be equipped with a wide portfolio of attachments that can be connected with the Mid or Rear PTO.

CT1025 Specifications

Key Specifications
Engine power: 24.5 hp
Lift capacity at 610 mm (24 in.) behind lift point: 318 kg
Max PTO Power: 18.5 hp
Transmission: HST, 2 range 
Max speed forward: 16.5 km/h
Engine type: 3 cylinder, water cooled, 4 cycle, Indirect Injection (IDI) 
Fuel: Diesel 
Displacement: 1.00 L
Max Torque: 57.00 Nm
Gross Power (ECE-R120): 24.50 HP
Net Power: 23.00 HP
Rated revolution: 3200.00 RPM
Alternator: 12V 50A 
Air Cleaner: Dry type, replaceable 
Fuel tank: 25.50 L
Drive Train
Transmission: HST, 2 range 
Shuttle Type: Hydrostatic Drive 
Max. Travelling Speed Forward: 16.50 km/h
Max. Travelling Speed Reverse: 11.20 km/h
Steering: Hydrostatic Power Steering 
Turning radius(w/brake): 2540.00 mm
Brake type: Wet disc type 
Mechanical differential lock: Rear Std. 
Hydraulic System
Implement Pump: 18.70 L/min
Power steering pump: 7.00 L/min
Total hydraulic flow: 25.70 L/min
No.of Std. remote valve’s ports (Rear): Std. (2 port) 
3-point lift control type: Position 
3-point hitch type: Category 1 
Lower Link type: Ball 
Lift capacity at lift point: 715.00 kg
Lift capacity at 610 mm (24 in.) behind lift point: 318.00 kg
Max PTO Power: 18.50 HP
Rear PTO type: Independent 
Rear PTO speed: 540.00 RPM
Mid PTO speed: 2200.00 RPM
Turf tires: Front: 18×8.5-10 R3 / Rear: 26×12.00-12 R3 
Industrial Tires: Front: 18×8.5-10 R4 / Rear: 26×12.00-12 R4
Overall Length with Ballast Weights: 2834.00 mm
Overall Length: 2523.00mm
Overall Width: 1160.00 mm
Overall height (folded ROPS): 1616.00 mm
Overall height: 2224.00 mm
Wheelbase: 1400.00 mm
Front track width: 930.00 mm
Rear track width: 864.00 mm
Ground Clearance under the Rear Axle (Hitch Frame): 160.00 mm
Turning radius: 2540.00 mm
Weight with ROPS: 718.50 kg
Standard Features
4 Wheel Drive: yes 
Rear View Mirror: yes 
Battery: yes 
Horn: yes 
7 Pin Socket: yes 
OPC: yes 
Cup holder: yes 
SMV sign: yes 
PTO Cover: yes 
HST Cruise: yes 
Toolbox: yes 
Front Hitch: yes 
Hydrostatic Power Steering: yes 
Rear folding ROPS: yes 
Rear PTO, Independent: yes 
12V Aux: yes 
Beacon Ready Wiring: yes 
Engine Hood, one piece: yes 
Vinyl Suspension Seat, w/retractable seat belt: yes 

CT1025 Features


Compact Dimensions
The 1 000 Platform’s compact footprint makes it perfect for those jobs where space is limited.

HST Transmission
The CT1025 model comes with a 2-range Hydrostatic transmission for a smooth and easy operation. It allows you to change directions without worrying about speeds and gears which gives you more time to focus on the job at hand. The HST Transmission is a perfect fit for both new operators and seasoned professionals alike. It comes in handy when using a Front-end Loader or when precise maneuverability is required.

Fold-down Roll Over Protective Structure (ROPS)
Enjoy the comfortable open structure of the foldable ROPS that allows you to hop on and hop off quickly and without hassle. The CT1025 model is equipped with well-placed handles you can hold onto during the ride and while stepping into the machine. The ROPS structure provides an unobstructed view around the jobsite and additional protection so you can work confidently and don’t have to worry about your surroundings.

Comfortable Seat
The operators seat is as comfortable as it gets so you can stay seated through the entire day without pain and fatigue. Thanks to materials that are easy to clean and maintain, you can keep your machine in pristine condition.

Ergonomic controls
Well-placed controls exactly where you need them and easy-to-use main panel make the Compact Tractors intuitive to use for both new operators and professionals alike.

Comfort-enhancing Features
The operator’s space in Bobcat Compact Tractors is designed to be accessible quick and easy. Thanks to well-placed handles and robust steps you can hop on and hop off without any hassle.

Attachment Versatility

PTO Interface
You can equip your CT1025 Compact Tractor with a wide range of Attachments using the Mid and Rear PTO easily and hassle-free. The Rear PTO operates using 540 RPMs for the best efficiency of power-demanding attachments and the Mid PTO operates using the 2 200 RPM for an unmatched quality of mowed surface when using the Mid-mount Mower.

PTO Attachments
The following attachments can be connected to the Compact Tractor via the PTO options: Mid-mount Mower, Finishing Mower, Backhoe, Rear Snow Blower, Tiller, Ballast Box, Rake, Box Blade and Seeder.

Front-end Loader & Bob-Tach Interface
The Compact Tractors can be equipped with a Front-end Loader Attachment that utilizes the Bob-Tach Interface. This means you can use your Compact Tractor for a wide range of jobs without breaking a sweat. The Front-end Loader is easy to connect to and disconnect from the machine itself which means maximum uptime.

Front-end Loader Attachments
The Front-end Loader attachments are packed with proven Bobcat technology for the best results of your work. The attachments are also available in Self-levelling options. From all kinds of Buckets to a Pallet Fork or a Snow Blade, you can tackle all kinds of job comfortably and confidently.


Turf and Industrial Tires
You can use different kinds of Tires for your Compact Tractors based on your needs. Choose Turf Tires that leave your lawn intact or Industrial Tires for those jobs that require precision on hard surfaces.

Serviceability & Uptime Protection

One-piece Engine Hood
The one-piece hood covering the engine will make maintaining your machine quick and easy so you can enjoy maximum uptime and get more done.

Bobcat develops every machine to the highest standards of quality and durability. That’s why our standard warranty provides 2 years or 2 000 operating hours (whichever occurs first) of coverage, extendable to up to 5 years.

Bobcat Protection Plus®
Enjoy total peace of mind with a Protection Plus® extended warranty. Providing the same level of protection as the standard warranty, Protection Plus also reflects different customer needs and expectations by offering a choice of durations and annual operating hours. According to your needs, you can benefit from the coverage for up to 5 years or 3000 engine hours. And Protection Plus is transferrable – so it will increase your machine’s resale value.

Bobcare PM
A machine’s long life starts with proper planned maintenance, which also helps to protect against repair costs and uunexpected failures when you’re counting on your machine to work.

Future-proof Engine
Bobcat Stage V engine with low cost of ownership and ease of maintenance meets EU regulations for years to come.

Machine Protection
Your machine comes with a PTO Cover so you can move around with confidence. For the most challenging jobs you can equip an optional Front Guard for additional protection and ease of mind.

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