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Bobcat Offer 2020

Our latest Bobcat offer from Bobcat Sales UK

A fabulous 0% interest deal
with only a 10% deposit
With terms up to five years

We featured this offer throughout Jan and Feb 2020 and we are pleased to announce that this deal will run for at least another couple of months

Bobcat Offer
Bobcat Offer

Now is the best time to show your Bobcat equipment some love and care with a complete pre-seasonal or regular check-up in your workshop or on-site. Ensure high performance and productivity for your machines, and avoid unscheduled service interventions.

So, do the full check and change filters and fluids in your Bobcat machines. And be ready for the new season with 10% Off on Bobcat maintenance products – such as Filter Kits, Lubricants and Lubricant Accessories – in March and April!

Remember: Filter Kits are a great way to save time and money: superior Bobcat quality hydraulic, fuel, air, and engine oil filters in 1 box. Don’t take risks – always choose the best protection that comes with Bobcat filters’ extreme durability, high protection from contamination, higher strength against collapse, and long filter life.

Don’t forget: to give your Bobcat equipment the best protection, you need to change the hydraulic oil every year or 1000 working hours – and use Bobcat hydraulic oil only! Bobcat genuine hydraulic oil’s unique properties ensure your machine an extended life by protecting the wear surfaces of the motors and pumps when operating at higher thannormal temperatures in demanding applications.

Speak to Mat …. about a Bobcat!

Mat Jones of TVE Hire and Sales has just been awarded the Bobcat Award for Best Retail Growth in 2018-2019

Mat offers incredibly competitive deals to his clients from the landscaping, forestry, construction and farming industries. 

Bobcat offers

Email Mat: or fill out our contact form Mat is happy to chat through options with you, arrange a demo or have a conversation about finance options.

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Interested in purchasing BOBCAT machinery from TVE Hire & Sales? Contact us today.

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Interested in purchasing Bobcat machinery from TVE Hire & Sales? Contact us today.